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Joseph Sernio, also known as Joseph A. Sernio, is a professionally trained and accomplished American actor with international acclaim. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, he later relocated to Howell, NJ. His journey into the world of acting commenced shortly after graduating from Howell High School. Joseph embarked on his acting career by immersing himself in the study of various acting techniques in both New York City and Los Angeles. Additionally, he made his mark in the world of theater with his involvement in off-Broadway productions.

One of Joe's initial professional experiences unfolded on the enduring CBS daytime series "As The World Turns." After dedicating approximately a year to the show, Joe auditioned for and secured a role as an ICU orderly in the enduring ABC daytime series "All My Children." Joe's tenure on "All My Children" spanned several years, during which he also made guest appearances on various television programs such as "Love Monkey," "Hope & Faith," and "Rescue Me." Additionally, he took part in numerous commercial projects throughout his twenties.

Over the ensuing years, Joe commenced establishing a reputation for himself in the realm of independent film and television, with a primary focus on independent cinema. Along this journey, he garnered multiple accolades for his acting prowess, including several "Best Actor" and "Best Supporting Actor" awards, as well as recognition like the "Honorary Achievement In The Arts" and more.

Subsequently, Joe transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, where he successfully established two thriving marketing agencies and acquired small businesses to facilitate their rebranding and expansion efforts. His remarkable achievements in the business realm led to prominent features on the front pages of various tech magazines, including titles like "CEO of The Year" and "Best Digital Marketing Companies." Joe's contributions also earned him a nomination for the NJBiz leader in technology award.

In 2023, Joseph graced the cover of Swagger Magazine's special "Self Made" edition and made a notable appearance in LAWeekly's 2023 article highlighting the "Top 10 Trailblazers in the Entertainment Industry." Additionally, Joe played the character "Dobson" in the new feature film "The Bastard Sons," featuring renowned UFC Champion Frankie "The Answer" Edgar, along with other talented actors. The film has secured distribution and is set for a late summer 2023 release on major platforms. For more details, visit

In the latter part of 2022 and early 2023, Joe took on multiple roles in the production of "LOVED." In this film, he not only acted as the lead but also served as a producer and executive producer. In this captivating story, Joe portrays a deranged plumber who jeopardizes both his career and freedom when he discovers his wife in an intimate encounter with another man. This role represented a significant departure from his previous work and appearance. To date, "LOVED" has garnered numerous accolades, including several "Best Actor" awards and over 50 other distinctions at various film festivals across the country, such as "Best Thriller" and "Best Cinematography." The film will continue to be showcased in festivals throughout the 2024 season, with Joe making appearances at multiple festivals for Q&A sessions and more. For further details, visit

In September 2023, Joe successfully wrapped up production on his TV Pilot titled "Horsepower," a contemporary western featuring an ensemble cast including Robert Davi, Malik Whitfield, Erin O'Brien, Gary Cairns, Peter Dobson, and more. Recognizing the significance of the picturesque landscape in storytelling, Joe strategically chose the stunning backdrop of Colorado for the production of "Horsepower." The narrative unfolds on a sprawling 2,000-acre ancient ruins ranch, and it revolves around Fletcher Miller, an influential politician whose life is thrust into jeopardy due to a life-altering secret he attempts to conceal. In this project, Joe assumes multiple roles as the lead actor, producer, and executive producer, collaborating once again with his trusted production team from previous endeavors. To delve deeper into the world of "Horsepower," visit

Having gained invaluable insights from his preparation for the role in "LOVED," Joe is now poised to embrace any challenge, readily taking on diverse characters ranging from doctors, cops, lawyers, and evil psychopaths to young professionals. His adaptability, intelligence, and commitment to character immersion make him a versatile performer. He has been cast in Godfather of Harlem as Rocco Larosa and has appeared on Law and Order SVU in recent months. 

Joe has expanded his portfolio with three projects that he has not only produced but also executive produced and created. Looking ahead, in late 2023 and early 2024, he is gearing up for pre-production on his fourth venture as he continues a number of new TV roles such as Godfather of Harlem as Rocco Larosa, Law and Order SVU, and more.

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Entertainment Industry

Joseph Sernio is a man who wears many hats, excelling as an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Born in Jersey City, Joseph began his acting career shortly after graduating from high school. Having delved into studying various acting techniques in NY City and LA, he embarked on his acting journey, eventually securing opportunities in off-Broadway productions.

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Joseph Sernio, NY Actor Producer New York City

Actor, Producer, and the soul of authentic narratives

For Joe Sernio, the drive to tell authentic stories is what fuels his wide-ranging career as an actor, producer, and founder of Holly Lake Films. With a rare combination of raw acting chops and an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s carved out an impressive path – one that lets him completely inhabit complex characters while also birthing his own creative visions to life on screen.

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